Peppers Magik (prfssr_chaos) wrote,
Peppers Magik

The Democratic response to the Palin speech

I love you, Dems, but you're not impressing me so far. Responding with robotic talking points about health care and new jobs aren't enough. That's part of the debate, but not enough. If that's all the Dems have, they're giving the election away. Yes, Karl Rove probably wrote 15% of her speech. But to respond with "Her speech sounds like more of the same from George Bush..." isn't going to work. As bad as things are for Americans, the people are ultimately distracted by shiny objects (ie. aggressive speeches and attack ads.) I need to see some genuine anger, not this above-the-fray attitude. This newcomer came in last night, barked loudly and yet did nothing to show the public why she's qualified (Don't even get me started on the Repubs' elitist attitude towards community organizers.)

Dems need to go out and blatantly state why Governor Palin is bad for America. Fire her own record back at her. Point out how she was almost recalled from the Wasilia mayor position, leaving that town in debt. Mention the earmarks she attached for Alaska and how it contradicts McCain's positions. Point out how bad it looks that she had to hire an attorney to overlook the State Trooper scandal. Even throw her own words at her about not knowing what the Vice President does. None of this is sexist. This is all fact-based, and it can be effective. You know what? Yes, use the community organizing comments. Point out how inexperienced it makes her look to mock people that fight to find employment and housing for poor communities. It makes her look bad during economic turmoil AND in a week where hurricanes strike (yes Mrs. Palin, community organizers will be needed to help those areas McCain took you to visit.)

Joe Biden's interview with Matt Lauer reminded me way too much of John Kerry, which is very unlike him. Show me some fight, Joe. Don't wait until next week's poll numbers are out.

And then they send out someone like Kathy Sebelius? Fine, counter the female governor image, we'll probably see Janet Napolitano too. But I need to see the Richardsons and Wesley Clarks too. I'd love to see some punches thrown by Hillary too, but for some reason, my guess is she'll back off from Palin.

In Karl Rove's America, there are no high roads to the White House sadly
. It's going to take more substance than talking points of "universal health care" and "creating new jobs" to win this fight. The Obama campaign wasn't above-the-fray to use McCain's 7 Houses gaffe against him, and that's exactly how Palin needs to be fought.

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