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I'm public speaking
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

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A small update of sorts
Saturday: My dad was released from the hospital

Monday: We put our cat to sleep

Oh, and apparently my aunt (who was visiting from Oklahoma) and my cousin (at whose house she was staying at), apparently performed an excorcism on another cousin of ours on Saturday. She was stuck between Christianity and some kinda witchcraft, and apparently there was lots of freaky stuff going on in her house (her kids hearing voices and all stuff of that manner). Apparently as they were having her say "Jesus is Lord", her body came close to levitating and all these different voices were coming out of her throat. Later that night, my aunt & uncle, who were sleeping in the guesthouse, were hearing violent knocking on the walls all night (which my cousin said was neither from him or his family). Anyway, this cousin had offered to take care of my dad, even let him stay in his guesthouse now that my uncle and aunt went back to Oklahoma. After hearing that story, I believe my father will be staying here in our house.
Believe what you will, but I personally believe this to be true.

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