Peppers Magik (prfssr_chaos) wrote,
Peppers Magik

The Edwards Interview

The typical reactions to the John Edwards scandal need not be repeated. We all feel terrible for Elizabeth Edwards and are disappointed in John. But that Nightline interview just made me sad.

Sad because he was clearly lying and squirming through the whole thing. He visited Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton to "ensure the story wouldn't become public?" He called Elizabeth the morning after he was caught because "she deserved to know?" He had no idea of the money being paid to Hunter or Andrew Young, or the fact that both are currently being compensated with California mansions?

It's just sad to watch someone you had respect for grow slimier and even more deceptive AFTER he admits his guilt.

"I have no idea who that baby is" is the new "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
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