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At least he's being vetted...

So four years, I was on the Evan Bayh bandwagon (it was a small wagon... smaller than RadioFlyer.) Then Bayh dropped out. Damn
Then he endorsed Hillary. Damn

But now, he's on the Shortlist for Obama's VP alongside Governor Tim Kaine and Senator Joe Biden. I'll take that. Should be noted that Bayh was also on John Kerry shortlist... but then again so was John McCain (funny how the media ignores that one.) Anyway, even if Bayh doesn't get the VP slot, I'll take the serious consideration of him as enough reason to say "TOLD YA SO." Final 3 isn't fucking bad at all. Evan Bayh is already the Elliot Yamin of the Vice Presidential search.


The Washington Post reported that Kaine has provided documents to Obama's campaign so that the governor's background can be thoroughly examined.

The newspaper reported that Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., and Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., are also being "seriously vetted" by Obama's campaign staff, according to sources with knowledge of the process.

I know nothing about Tim Kaine, but then again, no one else does. He's a first term governor who is only in serious consideration because Virginia is the new Florida. By the way, brilliant move by the Obama campaign for restructuring the crucial states. If he wins the Presidency WITHOUT Ohio and Florida, it just might be viewed as a stroke of genius. Having said that, I hope he doesn't lose Ohio and Florida.

Anyway, back to old white men. Joe Biden would be a terrific VP. Truth be told, Biden and Bill Richardson were the most qualified candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Biden would certainly be a strong attack dog, especially on National Security. He comes with baggage though (Remember his "That's Bullshit!" outburst?) and probably won't be selected. But again, I've gotta state that Biden & Richardson were the most qualified candidates for President. But people don't want qualified (see: Kerry, John Forbes), they want candidates with fancy commercials ("Yes We Can... answer the red phone at 3am.")

And then there's Evan Bayh. He's soft spoken (which is why he won't be picked), but very experienced. Comes from a celebrated political family, and has been elected Senator AND Governor TWICE in Indiana, a strong Red State. The fact that Indiana is even up for grabs shows the enormous potential for Bayh. He's the VP if the Obama campaign decides they can win Virginia with or without Tim Kaine.

So basically: I'm just looking for every possible reason to shout Told Ya So.
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