Peppers Magik (prfssr_chaos) wrote,
Peppers Magik

Fuck the jury system

I was on call for a whole week, checking in everyday, and I never had to report anywhere. The one day I forget to check (last night), and they schedule me for today. Had I made it past today with just being on-call, my service would be complete. These sons of bitches really know how to stick it to you, and the guy I spoke to on the phone was a fucking prick. So I call to postpone it, and he asks me when school is done. That cuntrag scheduled my for June 20th, my final commencement is the day before that. They fucked me up because that prohibits any celebrating I had planned that week, such as supposedly going to Vegas on the 21st. I should've finalized those plans so I could've said I'd be out of town. Jeez, I might as well have lied. I didn't expect them to be so immediate. I swear, if I get called in, I will be very open about my disdain and lack of interest in whatever they have going on. If I'm on a trial, I will just say guilty, no matter what. Well, I'd probably just agree with the rest of the jury to get the fuck out of there.
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