Peppers Magik (prfssr_chaos) wrote,
Peppers Magik

One midterm down, two to go.

I had my Math 2 midterm this morning, and it was surprisinly easier than I could've imagined. Perhaps I'm not used to walking out of an exam feeling confident (let alone in math, of all subjects), but it's kinda like I felt cheated. Whatever, I won't complain, I think it went well.

I'm a little annoyed with my burned VCDs of Sideways. For some reason, these burned with really fucked up audio. Two different tries and that shit was fucked up. My copy of Closer burned perfectly. I do remember this happening a few years ago though. I burned several movies, but for some reason, Adaptation also came out with similar audio problems. Moral of the story: nothing's for free... and go see Sideways, it's awesome.

As usual, I'm glad the weekend's here. Looking forward to a few drinks too many and the Super Bowl should be great. Fuck the Eagles

And for those of you not living in Los Angeles, recently we've been warned to not drink any unboiled or unbottled water for the past three days. Apparently some construction work contaminated the city's water supply. Everything is supposed to be fine by midnight tonight, but the whole thing just seems to be irritating. It's like part of me want to believe its all just bullshit. And part of me doesn't want to drink water because... it's contaminated with bullshit.
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